Karate is based on strikes, punches and kicks. These techniques rely on speed and power. Forms are done in a pattern to learn instinctively; balance, body alignment, polarity, sounds, breathing, angles and directions.


The Japanese style Jujitsu taught at OTK Martial Arts is based on redirecting the attacker’s energy. Joints can be manipulated to cause severe pain. These techniques rely on leverage. Fulcrum, lever and base are the key elements to a proper lock.


Weapons are a part of our curriculum. We teach two weapons that we consider to be more practical. The short and long staffs are in reality the only weapon in today’s day in age that one may have access to.

Pressure Points

We know that the body works like a machine. The brain is the central controller. Through out our body there are pressure points that run along meridians associated with our organs. All information is transferred through our body and our brain. This is the way we function. When you strike the pressure point you are interfering with the information being transferred. 

Chi Gong

Internal Martial Arts and Chi Gong are exercises based on collecting the universal chi energy from your surroundings for building your own chi. This chi is used with healing and self-defense techniques. Breathing techniques are essential. With this knowledge and power you will be able to cleanse your mind, body and soul for a healthier life.