Professor Richard A. Reinheimer

Professor Richard A. Reinheimer (Kaicho) (9th Dan) (Grand Master), most commonly referred to as "Hanshi" has been offering instruction and training in (Okuno Ryu) Karate & Ju-Jitsu since 1980.  He is a recognized 8th degree black belt under Grand Master Professor George Dillman, Professor Wally Jay, Harry Smith, and Leo Fong.  He has 52 years of Martial Arts experience, and over 46 years of teaching experience. He is a Doctor of Martial Arts with a PHD in Martial Science from the University of Asian Martial Studies & has been inducted into both the United Martial Arts Association Hall of Fame & the Action Martial Arts Hall of Fame for 16 years in a row. He has dedicated his life to the Martial Arts and his students. He teaches and lives by what he stands for, loyalty, honor, respect and discipline. He has master degrees in several different systems. He teaches Karate, Ju-Jitsu, and the anatomy of the body to strike specific pressure points. He believes these systems naturally blend together. Real advanced internal martial science is knowledge that few ever learn.  It is very rare to have a Grand Master teaching you personally.